What is a digital society in 2021?

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Digital has revolutionized all sectors of activity. While old companies seek to adapt to new technologies, new ones are making digital the foundation of their establishment. New language elements intervene to designate digitized companies. What characterizes a digital society?

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What does a digital society look like?

A digital society is a structure that has its structures connected through the internet. The service sold, the company’s turnover and the way of working all refer to online activities. The digital tools are exploited there to the best. You imagine for a multinational the number of computers and connected devices which make it possible to bring life to the company.
Digital companies are miniaturizing work. With the possible democratization of employee charges, it is possible to win over a large number of customers all over the world. They violate the traditional barbed wire that confines businesses to a specific square. In 2021, multinationals have more possibilities to invest in markets around the world.


Definition of digital society

Homo numericus is what scientists call modern humans. It operates in a society called a digital society. Modern humans are connected, they are digitized. His society has dimensions extended by the screen. Internet becomes a complement of human life.
With these elements, one can understand that the digital society is one centered on the diffusion on an industrial scale of information through information and communication technologies. It gave birth to companies that designed their business model on the basis of the internet. In fact, digital companies all have super-performing IT infrastructures. Internet allowing the circulation of information of all kinds in real time.

Origin of the concept of digital society

The term digital society appeared in the early 1980s. The term was propelled into speeches with the spread of the personal computer and the birth of the internet. He introduced the idea of the digital revolution from the collective consciousness.

How digital is changing society

Technical progress has transformed our daily experience. Important upheavals are introduced in work, movement, behavior. The work environment is even changing. Do you know of any offices that are not equipped with computer equipment? Do you still know young people who do without smartphones?
Now, recruiters don’t care about your resume. Just your activity on social networks allows you to know your profile perfectly. Dating, nutrition, the economy, health even nature has all migrated to the net. Digital has completely changed the way we perceive the world.

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Society and digital transition, energy efficiency, energy transition, energy management, smart building, smart city, tertiary decree, how are these themes linked?

The switch to digital requires adaptation to new technologies. Homo sapiens to reach the stage of homo numericus will have to design a new way of life, this time completely digital. It is the stage of realizing this digital need and taking action to satisfy it that marks the digital transition. However, digital is an energy pump. He then calls on the need to rethink the use of energy. Electricity bills will have to be reduced all the way to adapt to the demands of the environment. Discover our Wesby range for a digital society.
To this must be added the impact of technology on architecture. Now we think of smart cities. Cities where artificial intelligence is the basis of citizens’ lives. Smart cities promise efficient management of public services to make life less attractive to men. This architectural revolution is protected by the tertiary decree which entered into force in October 2019.

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