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The digital transition of a company is the adoption of digital means for the effective management of the latter. It allows compliance with the tertiary decree and a reduction in costs.

Digital transformation is a phenomenon that has taken off a lot in recent years. Any business must make its digital transition if it is to continue to exist in order to secure its place in the market. What do we call the digital transition? Why is it so crucial for any business?

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What is the digital transition in 2021?

With the health crisis, many companies are sinking due to new reforms implemented by governments. Digital transformation is at the heart of conversations. In 2021, digital transformation is the greatest ally for businesses, whether large, medium or even small. It aims at the total dematerialization of companies and the complete digitization of the services offered by the latter. This represents a major asset taking into account the realities of the 21st century.


Definition of digital transition

Also called e-transformation, digital transformation is a concept of change related to the large-scale development of new information and communication technologies. It aims to innovate within any company by putting away traditional means and basing itself on discoveries linked to digital technology.

This notion allows the company to broaden its target population, optimize its customer service, be more efficient, but above all to have global visibility. As information is instantaneous, the business saves a lot of time. If you are considering a digital transformation of your business, check out our Wesby range which gives you the ability to monitor, manage and save energy costs in real time.

Origin of the concept of digital transition

Because digital technology is developing more and more, some companies fail to keep pace and remain on the sidelines of revolutions. They later die. The concept of digital transition emerged from the perspective of digitizing the world. Many companies can therefore benefit from it to face international competition. If you feel like giving it a go, ACCESS THE SMART CITY INTERFACE IN 2 CLICKS to get a demo of how your company’s energy management could work with our patented solution.

Que dit la loi sur la transition numérique ? 

En France, la loi favorise la transformation numérique. En effet, cette loi prévoit des solutions applicables afin d’opter pour des résultats efficaces. Le but de cette mesure est de favoriser une optimisation des différents projets de l’entreprise. Cependant, il faut noter que la transformation du numérique doit être appliquée dans le respect strict de la vie privée et doit être exercée dans le principe de la transparence. Compte tenu de la loi sur la transition énergétique et du décryptage du décret tertiaire, Wesby Energies garantit une meilleure croissance verte.

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What does the law say on the digital transition?

In France, the law promotes digital transformation. Indeed, this law provides applicable solutions in order to opt for effective results. The purpose of this measure is to promote optimization of the company’s various projects. However, it should be noted that the digital transformation must be applied with strict respect for privacy and must be exercised in the principle of transparency. Given the law on energy transition and the decryption of the tertiary decree, Wesby Energies guarantees better green growth.

Why in 2021 is the digital transition a trend?

Faced with the health crisis that affected the world between 2020 and 2021, the boundaries between business strategies and technological strategy have started to disappear. Indeed, several companies have realized that digital transformation is the best solution to face certain problems. Also the interest that the majority of citizens have in the digital field arouses at the level of companies a desire to integrate more modern solutions more adapted to the demands of the population.

It is also important to note that the digital transition offers great benefits to companies that adopt it. Indeed, when it is well developed, it can significantly increase the productivity of the company. It adapts to the operation and objectives of the company for more satisfactory results.

Digital transition, energy efficiency, energy transition, energy management, smart building, smart city, tertiary decree, how are these themes linked?

Thanks to the digital transition, you manage, control and save the operation of your business in real time. Add to that, it dramatically increases the speed of information processing. 

You should know that the digital transition allows real-time management of any connected equipment. Thus, thanks to management software and appropriate equipment, they allow remote control of the operation of any digital device. The digital transition has also led to an energy transition for businesses and homes. Thanks to technical developments, a company can acquire an intelligent building for more efficient energy management in accordance with the requirements of the tertiary decree. Many companies are already starting to take the plunge to create a smart city to improve quality of life and reduce costs.

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  • 1 IOT sensor electric meter

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  • 1 IOT sensor water meter

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